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Ren Bray is an award winning makeup artist in the entertainment & fashion industry for over 14 years. For Four years she has been the department head to an EMMY winning show The Bay The Series. She has trained in Special Effects, Theatrical & Print mediums. With an extremely diverse training on a  multitude of skin tones & entertainment fields, she has learned that no face has to look like it's wearing a lot of makeup even if it is. With an energetic attitude & a detail oriented eye, she approaches every face or project with a clear vision and applies a flawless yet natural makeup look. Based in Los Angeles, California, her primary focus is print media & Tv/ film.


Day Out of Days             Makeup Artist
The Prey                         Makeup Artist/ SFX
Guardian Angel               Key Makeup Artist
A Beautiful Now             Key Makeup Artist
Return To Zero                 Special Effects Makeup artist
Gone Missing                    Key Makeup Artist
Short Term 12                   Key Makeup Artist & SFX
Cold Turkey                     Key Makeup Artist
Icarus Down                     Makeup Dept. Head/ SFX Artist
No Cruise Zone                 Makeup Dept. Head/ SFX Artist
The Studio Club                Makeup Dept. Head
The Marriage Counselor     Key Makeup Artist & Key Hair Stylist
Prayers in the Dark            Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist
Le Petit Mort                     Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist
Ellie                                 Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist 
New York Heartbeat         Makeup Artist/ SFX (2nd Unit: Los Angeles) 
Triangle                           Makeup Artist/ SFX (2nd Unit: Los Angeles)
Unknown Project               Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist 
Angela Wright                 Makeup Artist 
Silent No More                  Key Makeup Artist 
Our Wild Hearts               Key Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Galaxy West                    Key Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Glory Days                       Key Makeup Artist/SFX Artist: USA 
Trapped Haitian Nights     Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist 
According to Plan              Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Almost Runaways             Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Babylon Beach                  Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Blessing (Discover Card Finalist 2010)    Makeup Artist 
City of Memories               Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Conception                        Makeup Artist 
Deviancy                          Makeup Artist/SFX Artist
Followed Home                 Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Embler                             Makeup Artist 
The Last King Blood           Makeup Artist/SFX Artist
Shaya                              Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Women Warriors              Key Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Granted Prayer                  Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Lights Out                        Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist 
Sebastian                          Key Makeup Artist 
Benevolence                      Department Head/Key Makeup Artist 
Raven                              Makeup Artist/Personal MUA to Meadow Williams/ SFX
WMD                              Makeup Artist 
Ije-The Journey                  Department Head/Key Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist 
Havoc Havoc                    Makeup Artist
Horror 88 Trailer               Department Head/Key Makeup Artist 
7 Greatest Bathrooms in L.A Make Up Artist 
Kill the Habit                    Make Up Artist 
The Intruders                     Key Make Up Artist 
Andrew Andrews              Key Make Up Artist/ SFX Artist 
Drama Kings                     Department Head/Key Make Up Artist 
One More Day                  Key Make Up Artist   
Creative Differences            Key Make Up Artist 
Long Stories Short               Key Make Up Artist
The Fairest of Them All      Key Make Up Artist 
Burden                              Key Make Up Artist
The Frog Prince                  Make Up Artist 
Beloved 2000                    Make Up Artist 
I                                       Key Make Up Artist
Cure Nightmare                 Key Make Up Artist/ SFX Artist 


Audi Stan lee comm           Makeup & Groomer

​This Just In Fox                  Dept Head Makeup & Hair

don't blink POP                  makeup artist

Sharknado 2 Special SyFy   Makeup Artist

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2014   Makeup Artist

Masters of Illusion  CW       Makeup Artist

Extreme Escspes                  Makeup Artist

​Just for Men                       Makeup Artist/Tattoo Cover
Old Spice Interstitials    TVGN   Makeup Artist    
Planet 360    TVGN           Makeup & Hair stylist
Who Shot the daytime soap?     Makeup Artist
The Bay (TV Pilot)             Dept. Head Makeup & Hair
Hollywood Christmas Parade 2013  Makeup Artist/ Groomer
Zink Infomercial                 Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist
Chisme Club (MTV)           Makeup Artist
Brain Surge Nickelodeon Game Show Makeup Artist Asst. 
Kimora Lee Simmons:Life in the Fab Lane Ed Libby's Makeup Artist (Los Angeles) 
The Bay: The Series             Key Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist  
Violence Against Women PSA    Key Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist
Hollywood Dish! TV            Makeup Artist  
Futurestates                        key makeup (1 episode)

Music Video

Rojay "knocked out"            Makeup Artist

Alice Lake "Coals"               Makeup & Hair

PitBull "fireball" tour content  Makeup Artist 

Aloe Blacc "Love is the Answer" Lincoln ed. Aloe Blacc Groomer/Asst MUA
Steve Aoki ft. Wynter Gordon "Ladi Dodi"   Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist  
Jared Shaw "One in a Million"   Makeup Artist
Tila Tequila "Walking on Thin Ice" Music Video Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist
Josh Baze "We Made It"         Makeup Artist Asst. 
Laurent "Falling" Music Video   Hair Stylist/ Key Makeup Artist 
Vika "Teenagers" Music Video  Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Raekwon "Canel Street" Music Video   Makeup Artist/SFX Artist 
Blues Gypsys "Hey Man" Music Video    Key Makeup Artist 


Fiat 500  fiat fitness               Makeup Artist

MysEducation                        Makeup Artist
Tackle This: Lauren Barnette    Personal Makeup Artist
The Bay: The Series                Makeup Dept. Head
Machinama-Half life & Assassin's Creed     Makeup Dept. Head/ SFX
Preacher Wives                     Makeup Artist/ SFX/ Hair Stylist W hotels                Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist
Heinrich                                Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist

Commercial & Print

Trunkettes Swimwear             Makeup Artist

Lucky Brand Jeans E-comm     Makeup & Hair

Guess E-Comm                       Hair Stylist & makeup Asst

​The Organic Face ADs            Makeup Artist 

Kieley Kiemmel Lookbook FW15    Makeup Artist

Lucky Brand Jeans Lookbooks FW15    Makeup Artist
P & G Shopper Video              Makeup Artist
Paper Beautiful people LA       Makeup artist/ Groomer
Crap Eyewear                       Makeup & hair stylist
State Farm Insurance Ad        Makeup Artist
ADIDAS Street Warriors Camp   Celeb Groomer
Capitol 1 print ad                    SFX artist/makeup artist
Johnny Was Lookbook            Makeup artist/ hair stylist
RVCA ecommer                     Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist
Guess 2013 ecommer                Hair stylist
Four Stories intel ad                Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist
5/3 Bank Commercial              Makeup Artist 
A'GACI lookbook                    Makeup Artist/Hair stylist
 Le Petit Mort                         Makeup Artist
LZ Zombies from Outerspace Ad    Makeup Artist/ SFX
Masq.Costume Contest Lookbook     Makeup Artist
Steven Tyler Runway              Makeup Artist
Capitol 1 Print Ads-Vickings      Makeup Artist/ SFX
U & Mee Lookbook                  Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist
Creative Screenwriting Mag.     Makeup Artist & SFX 
Trillery Lookbook                    Makeup Artist 
Capitol 1 Print Ad-Construction  Makeup Artist/ SFX Artist 
Wedding Style Magazine "Ed Libby"    Makeup Artist 
GE Interactive Video                Makeup Artist 
D23 2011 Runway Shows and Panelist     Makeup Artist 
Lexus Commercial Thous. Oaks, Ca         Makeup Artist 
Cadillac Commercial Thous. Oaks, Ca      Makeup Artist 
Brian Lichtenberg Lookbook                   Makeup Artist 
Fluxus Fa/Sp 2011 Lookbook                   Makeup Artist 
San Diego Hat Co. 2011 Lookbook            Makeup Artist 
Alex & Chloe Fall 2010                         Makeup Artist 
W magazine: November 2010               SFX Artist 
FIDM Runway Presentation  2010          Co-Key Makeup Artist 
Guess?/Marciano Feb. Runway 2010       Makeup Artist  
HBO Comedy Special 2010                    Makeup Artist 
Disney Consumer Product 2010               Makeup Artist 
Models n Bottles Photoshoot                    Makeup Artist 
Muay Thai World Champ. Runway Show  Makeup Artist 
Ije Photoshoot                                        Makeup Artist 
Sherry Couture Runway                         Makeup Artist/ Lash Specialist 
Kathy K. Lingeria                                  Make Up Artist  
Iza Clothing & Jewelry                           Make Up Artist 

Far From an Angel's Gaze                       Old Age Makeup Artist 
Troilus & Cressida                                   Make Up Assistant 
Lumes:Dance Varation                            Make Up Assistant 
Richard III                                              Make Up Assistant    
A Funny Thing Happened...                     Make Up Artist 

Makeup Courses taught by Dale Calendra 2 Years/ 10 Years of Independent Short Films & Feature Films/ 13 Years of Weddings, Parties and Special Occasions     

Past & Present Clients 
Alexa Vega/ Glozell Green/ Harry Hamlin/ Minnie Driver(sfx only)/ Abigail Spencer/ Cheyenne Jackson/ Ed Libby/ Aloe Blacc/ Guillermo Diaz/ Samantha Sloyan/ Chris Daughtery/ William Shatner/ Eric Estrada/ Drake Bell/ John Gallagher jr/ SHAQ/ Jade Harlow/ Isaiah Mustafa/ Diana DeGarmo Young/ Ace Young/ Our Lady J/ Robert Earl/ Lauren Barnette/ Ricky Schroder /Mike "The Miz"/ Cheryl Hines/ Peter Bogdanovich/ Sonya Walger/ Alicia Witt/ Angela Lindvall/ Wilson Bethel/ Eloise DeJoria/ Constantine Maroulis/ Tila Tequlia/ Cedric The Ent./ Dennis Haskins/ Raekwon/ Charles Shaughnessy/ Bill Bellamy/ Mary Beth Evans/ Steve Aoki/ Frank Stallone/ Wynter Gordon/ Jill Larson/ Joshua Alba/ Randall Winston/ Justin Bua/ Steven Bauer/ Lilly Melgar/ Lisa Wilcox/ Louis Mandylor/ Brody Hutzler/Cherie Johnson/ Richard Tyson/ Wardell/ Conrad Bachmann/ Odalys Garcia/ Genevieve Nnaji/ Omotola J.Ekeinde/ Robert Costanzo/ Teri Polo/ Melissa Clarie Egan/ Stone & Co/ The Mexican Soccer Team 2012/ Jan Vesely-Washington Wizards/ Canon/ Epson/ Guess/ Comedy Shaq/ Disney/ MTV/ Karen london jewelry/ Veryfine juice/ ATI associated television international/ TVGN/ capital 1/ W hotels/ Intel/ P & G/ComedyCentral/CW/SyFy/Cooking Network/ MACY'S/Lucky Brand Jeans/The Organic Face/Audi/Reckless Tortuga